colour & finish options

Solid & Transparent

Solid options include gloss, satin, matte, metallic or pearlescent. Transparent colours can be applied over a brushed or polished finish, to give a candy-like appearance.


A brushed finish adds texture, but will only be visible under a transparent colour, or clear coat.

Still unsure? Get in touch and we can help advise for your specific application.

A mirror finish, achieved by polishing the raw aluminium. We add a clear coat for durability and longevity of our polished finishes. Can be supplied raw upon request.

100% customisable
Know exactly what you want?

If you want to run factory wheel specifications, or a more aggressive than factory setup, we can either advise you on what will work best for your application, or build your wheels to the exact specifications you give us.

How to order

After placing your order (through the website or directly contacting us), you will receive an email asking you to confirm your specifications and colour/finish preferences.

We will then create your exact wheel using CAD, in 3 different colour/finish variations of your choice to help you decide.

Once you are happy with your choice, your order will proceed to manufacturing. This usually takes 10-12 weeks.

After the final quality control inspection, your wheels will be shipped to your chosen address.

Please note: We are currently experiencing delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please allow an additional 2 weeks for orders to arrive.

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