TKF Etched Centre Caps (Set of 4)
TKF Etched Centre Caps (Set of 4)

TKF Etched Centre Caps (Set of 4)

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Our replacements come in sets of 4x caps and are a direct fit for your existing TKF series wheels. 

They are available in black/white finish only.



All of our single piece wheels are die forged. This results in an ultra light weight, incredibly strong wheel.


The forged wheel face is removable, and is bolted to a one-piece forged lip and barrel.

LIP Configurations

Step Lip

A single outward step in the lip gives a more traditional look for a multi-piece wheel.

Flat Lip

The design of the wheel face is tweaked slightly to fill the space created by the flat lip, giving a seamless look.

Colour & finish

The sky is the limit - send over your ideas, and let's create something unique together.

Brushed w/ clear.
Satin black laser etched caps.

How to order

For more info on placing your order or choosing the right finish/colours, check out our technical page.

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